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Case Study: Box Fan Sample Speed Adjustment

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We recently discovered a problem with our new box fan sample, which was developed for a specific client.

While the initial tests showed good results with low temperature rise, further checks found a major issue.

The fan was spinning faster than it should, going up to 1300 RPM instead of the usual maximum of 1250 RPM.

For a lightweight box fan, this extra speed can cause problems like too much shaking or the fan moving out of place.


To fix this, we’re adjusting the fan’s speed to bring it down to below 1250 RPM.

We’re doing this to make sure our fans are safe and reliable.

It’s important for us that we catch and fix any problems before we start making lots of these fans.

Customer Impact

By taking quick action to correct the fan speed, we’re showing our commitment to making products that are both safe and meet our clients’ needs.

We’re making sure that the fans we deliver are of the highest quality and safety standards.

This way, our clients can trust that they’re getting a product that’s not only what they asked for but also safe and dependable.

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