Meet Mike "Domino" Chung, the Founder

Hello, I’m Mike Chung, also known as “Domino”, the founder of SF Electrical Appliance.

Why “Domino”? You might wonder, as it’s not a usual name.

Well, I first chose “Mike” because I admired famous people like Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson.

But many people are named Mike, and it got confusing.

So, I picked another name: “Domino”.

Think about domino pieces standing in a line.

When you push one, it hits the next, and they all fall down one after the other.

I like this idea because it’s like doing good work in business.

When you do one thing well, it helps you do the next thing even better.

So, “Mike” was about being like the great people I admired.

But “Domino” is special for me.

It means when we do one good thing, it helps us do more good things, just like pushing the first domino.


Growing up in a business-oriented family, I’ve always had a deep interest in trade.

I vividly remember my first day in the new company in 2010 as an international trade specialist – I got bitten by a rat, a peculiar sign that this career would be anything but ordinary for me.

Before 2013, my work mainly revolved around familiarizing myself with the entire export process – from product development and client acquisition to coordinating the entire purchasing to customs clearance process.

My dedication didn’t go unnoticed; it earned me the appreciation of my boss and a place in the company’s future.


Post-2013, my role predominantly involved establishing the export department for industrial fans, setting up the ordering process for factory exports, standardizing components for export products, and acquiring certifications like CB, CE, SASO, and KC for both industrial and domestic fans.

In 2013 alone, my efforts generated a profit of 300,000 RMB for the company in just six months.

Over a decade in my position, I not only managed the industrial fan export department, but also integrated the Fan Motor and Fan Export Department II.

I represented the company in 14 sessions of the Canton Fair and several overseas exhibitions, visiting hundreds of local clients in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Egypt, Greece, and Sri Lanka.

I’ve worked with renowned brands and supermarkets like Daewoo, Daewonng, Leroy Merlin, Westinghouse, and Vistar.

My familiarity with certification discrepancies like SIRIM, KC, GCC, and different market entry mechanisms has ensured a stable export volume to countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, and Korea.

2022 to Present

As my former boss approached retirement age and faced succession issues, he decided to phase out certain business segments like fan assembly.

Consequently, I took over all the export business segments, continuing the legacy to this day.

What is My Area of Expertise?

Since 2014, I’ve been committed to fan CKD and SKD shipments.

My recommendations for shipment packaging vary by region.

For relatively developed countries, I suggest assembled shipments to save on labor.

For regions where tariffs are low or labor is cheaper, I recommend CKD or SKD packaging to significantly reduce costs.

We possess certifications and understand regulations like Korea’s KC, Malaysia’s SIRIM, Singapore’s Safety Mark, Europe’s CE, and the Middle East’s Saber (Saso/GCC).

If you need to apply for these, we’re here to assist.

We tailor your product’s comprehensive costs, ensuring it stands out in the market with the right price and features.

If you are looking to import electric fans, you can reach out to me using the following contact information:

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