Electric Fan Production Process

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1. Device Processing

Previous processes involve assembling components such as the plastic neck and small hardware parts. The assembled accessories are then ready for assembly on the production line.

2. Motor Assembly

Install the motor onto the small plastic mount and thread the wires through.

3. Wiring Connection

Solder the wires securely.

4. Main Body Assembly

Assemble the motor assembly and the plastic main body together, and connect the power and switch.

5. Blade and grill assemble

Install the net cover and fan blades together.

6. Front and rear grill assemble

Install the front and rear covers of the motor on the fan with the wires arranged.

7. Performance Testing

  1. Mainly test whether the motor’s oscillation has any jams.
  2. Check if the pitch is normal.
  3. Ensure that the motor operates normally in each gear.
  4. Verify that each gear can be pressed down properly.

8. High Voltage Testing

By applying a voltage higher than its normal operating level, these tests ensure that the equipment can safely operate under extreme conditions, preventing short circuits or leaks due to insulation failure, thus protecting users from electric shocks and ensuring the device’s reliability and long-term safe use.

9. Grounding Testing

Grounding Testing

Grounding tests are conducted primarily to ensure safety and proper functioning of the devices.

These tests help prevent electrical shock hazards and protect the appliances from electrical overloads and electromagnetic interference.

10. QA Sampling Inspection

Our QA sampling process for electric fans involves selecting a representative sample of units for thorough testing, including:

  • visual inspections for defects
  • performance evaluations
  • safety checks
  • compliance with relevant standards

to ensure they meet safety, quality, and performance criteria before reaching consumers.

This process identifies and rectifies any issues to guarantee a safe and reliable product.

11. Packing

Products that pass QA random inspection are then packaged.

12. Warehousing

Store the packed fans in the warehouse.


We are now able to offer a tailored warehousing and shipping solution for our customers.

Our service includes producing the goods in advance and storing them in our own warehouse.

We can then dispatch the products in batches according to your specific needs.

This flexible approach ensures that you have a continuous supply of products, tailored to your demand schedule, without the need for extensive storage space on your end.

It’s a convenient, efficient way to manage your inventory and meet your customers’ needs.

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