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Case Study: A Strategy for Achieving Long-Term Product Stability

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Background & Challenges

The development of the product took two years, with the main challenges centering around product stability and performance requirements.

Throughout the collaboration with us, the client continually sought to improve product quality and performance, ensuring the product could operate stably in the market over the long term.

The control of temperature rise, speed requirements, as well as the selection and consistency of materials posed significant challenges for the client.


To address these challenges, we implemented the following measures to ensure product stability and performance:

  1. Clear Performance Requirements: Firstly, we defined specific performance requirements for the product, including controlling the temperature rise within 75K and achieving a rapid gear speed of 1300RPM.
  2. Material Selection & Adjustment: After establishing the product’s performance requirements, we meticulously selected materials for the motor. Any change in materials had to undergo rigorous pre-production sample testing and confirmation after the production of bulk samples before continuing with production.
  3. Consistency Management of Components: Besides the motor, we ensured that all other components remained consistent with the first shipment. We maintained comprehensive records of all warehousing and inspection processes to ensure the consistency of critical parameters such as the dimensions and weight of all components.


With the implementation of the above measures, the stability of the product significantly improved.

Our product has continued to receive orders for over eight years, a testament to the quality and stability of our products.

Our methodology ensured the maintenance of quality standards in the product over a long production period, meeting the client’s stringent requirements for product stability and performance.

Through strict determination of performance requirements, meticulous material selection and adjustment, and rigorous consistency management of components, we not only addressed the challenges faced by the client but also established a sustainable, high-quality product production system.

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