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Case Study: Elevating Quality Through Precision and Assurance

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At SF, we understand that product quality is fundamental to the survival and development of our business.

To this end, we have adopted proactive and flexible strategies, setting specific standards for electrical and mechanical performance based on the particular needs of each batch of goods.

For instance, for a specific batch of electric fans, we might set standards under conditions of 220V 50Hz, requiring power to be at 136.2W/138W/146.81W, current to be within 0.577/0.614/0.709±10%, and speed to reach 1130/1240/1370±10%.

We also pay close attention to the details of the product, such as ensuring the speed difference between the fast, medium, and slow gears is greater than 80rpm/min, and controlling the temperature rise to be below 75K under 244V 50Hz conditions.

These precise standards reflect our high requirements for product performance and our commitment to meeting customer needs.

Detailed Standard Setting and Quality Assurance Process

Preservation of Pre-production Samples

We insist on keeping a set of pre-production samples of the motor and fan blades, ensuring these samples’ data fully meet the standards we set for each batch of goods.

This step is fundamental to ensuring consistent production quality.

Incoming Material Testing and Evaluation

Upon the arrival of fan blade materials, we immediately test them in combination with the pre-production sample motor, focusing on whether the speed and power are consistent.

For example, for a batch where we have set power requirements at 136.2W, 138W, and 146.81W, if test results show power at 155W, 161W, and 168W, this usually indicates that the angle of the fan blades is too large, causing abnormal motor temperature rise.

In such cases, we would request the supplier to remake the fan blades to ensure every part meets our high standards.

Comprehensive Performance Confirmation

After confirming that the fan blades and motors are well-matched, we conduct comprehensive testing of all motor materials to verify the accuracy of the data.

1. If performance data are inconsistent after matching the fan blades, we will analyze the following:

Human errors caused by workshop assembly personnel, which might manifest as the motor not running smoothly, making noise, or being unable to start under a no-load low voltage condition of 110V (half of 220V).

2. If the motor tests are normal, we further analyze potential material issues, including but not limited to:

  • a) Improper selection of rotor and stator materials
  • b) Issues with the hardness of the motor casing
  • c) Poor polishing of the rotor shaft
  • d) Improper matching of gearboxes
  • e) Bearings not fitting well with the motor casing

Through this rigorous testing and analysis process, we not only ensure the consistency and high quality of our products but also significantly enhance customer satisfaction.

Implementing this process allows us to identify and resolve issues promptly, avoiding potential quality risks and ensuring that products meet or exceed customer expectations.

Our quality assurance process is one of continuous improvement; we are always seeking more effective ways to enhance product quality and production efficiency, reflecting our ongoing commitment to product quality and customer service.

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