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Case Study: Fixing Fan Noises with Careful Checking

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We found a strange noise coming from our fans during a routine check-up.

Normally, we’d think it’s the motor acting up, but after checking every part of the motor and making sure it was working fine, the noise was still there.

We also made sure it wasn’t the fan blades shaking.


We kept looking for what else could cause the noise.

Finally, we found out it was the logo plate on the fan’s grill making the sound.

There was a small gap that made it vibrate and create noise.

Tightening the logo plate to the grill fixed the problem, and the fan was quiet again.


This experience taught us that solving a problem means looking at every little detail, not just the most obvious parts.

By doing a thorough check, we found and fixed a less obvious issue, making sure our fans stay quiet and our customers happy.

This story shows how important it is to pay close attention to all parts of a product to keep it at its best.

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