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Case Study: Optimizing SKD Assembly and Export Operations

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Assembling SKD (Semi Knocked Down) products does not yield a finished product, and many processes cannot be detected through standard procedures. This situation leads to potential issues with part completeness, part compatibility, defect management, cargo organization, and item loss during the export process.

Solution 1:

Confirm Completeness and Compatibility of Parts

  • Action: Assemble each part once according to the process flow after preparing all components and motors, to ensure all parts are complete and compatible.
  • Impact: Guarantees the integrity and functionality of the final product, reducing the risk of issues during final assembly or operation and enhancing product quality.

Solution 2:

Inspect Parts for Defects

  • Action: Perform inspections based on production acceptance criteria after assembly to identify any defects.
  • Impact: Maintains the company’s quality standards by preventing the shipment of defective products, thus minimizing returns, customer complaints, and potential damage to the brand’s reputation.

Solution 3:

Ensure Accurate and Comprehensive Loading Details

  • Action: Prepare a detailed packing list and establish clear communication among all parties involved, from business personnel to warehouse managers.
  • Impact: Reduces the risk of loading errors and ensures that every team member is informed and accountable, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and accuracy.

Solution 4:

Prevent Loss of Small Items

  • Action: Count small items on the packing list first before container loading.
  • Impact: Ensures that all components, especially smaller, easily misplaced items, are accounted for, preventing loss of goods and maintaining supply chain integrity.

Solution 5:

Organize Loading of Items Efficiently

  • Action: Load large items last to allow for easier and more accurate counting and organization of goods.
  • Impact: Optimizes container space usage, minimizes the risk of item damage or misplacement, and ensures a smooth and efficient loading process, ultimately reducing logistical errors and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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