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Which is Better: Orbit Fan vs Ceiling Fan

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Summer is here, temperatures are rising and in your home, it is increasingly difficult to live a normal life without ending up sweating and feeling overwhelmed by the heat.

That’s when the big question arises that anyone must face during the summer if you want to be able to be quiet in your home and ensure maximum comfort for you and your family: what is the best purchase option, the ceiling fan or the orbit fan?

The truth is that although everyone is clear about the usefulness of these fans and is in favor of their use in homes, the vast majority do not know which one is ideal for themselves and for the type of need they have.

In this lack of decision, also come into play several crucial factors that the user will take into account to decide, such as price, the space they occupy, consumption, or installation.

Users highly value that an appliance not only fulfills its function, in this case to air condition the rooms and lower the temperature but also allow them to be more efficient in other aspects of their lives such as energy savings, spending bills and decorating your home.

And that is precisely what we are going to compare throughout this article, the balance of orbit fans and ceiling fans among the main purchasing factors and check which one is better in each of them.

Because sometimes it is not all about design and functionality, power, savings and ease of use can also make an inferior product more attractive in performance for the type of customer who prioritizes simplicity over luxury.

Want to know all the differences between orbit fans and ceiling fans?

We’ll tell you all about them below!

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Orbit Fan and Ceiling Fan

1. Fan Power

The first aspect to evaluate between these two types of fans so common in homes is their power.

And although it is clear that this aspect of ceiling fans starts with advantage, since there is a wide variety of sizes and powers to cover a larger surface and lower the temperature quickly in large spaces, orbital fans are not far behind and have proven to be just as efficient to solve the temperature problems of smaller spaces.

On the one hand, we find that orbit fans start with a moderate power of between 40 and 50 W and only three types of speed, soft, moderate and strong.

However, in no case will the maximum power of this fan be excessively strong, nor unpleasant for those in the room, thanks to its 360-degree oscillating function that will gradually distribute the air.

On the other hand, we do not find a clear winner of this section of the power (which does not mean that it is always the best option, it will always depend on the specific needs of each person) ceiling fans.

The power of these fans is superior, both for its voltage capacity and the size of its blades, with a power of between 60W and 100W in most standard models and three large blades capable of ventilating rooms up to 350 square feet.

On the other hand, most Orbit Fan models have three medium-sized plastic blades with which they can create an airflow wide enough to lower the heat sensation of the rooms significantly.

So, in terms of power, both fans are quite capable of lowering room temperatures, but while the orbital ones do it by an intermittent flow with a smaller ventilation radius, the ceiling fans manage to do it much more evenly and in less time. So which one to choose based on power?

The one that we believe will meet our personal needs, since it will not be the same to air condition a living room than a small single room.

Everything will depend on what the user is looking for.

2. Space usage

The second major issue that we must compare when we go in search of our fan for the home is the space that we will occupy.

This is an issue of particular concern for poor families, as they usually live in small spaces and need to be able to air-condition their homes without losing too much space and without this new addition hindering their daily activities.

For us, as an orbit fan manufacturer, it will always seem to us that the best option in terms of space will be the orbit fan.

And we do not say this to favor our products, but because this type of fan will always be smaller, lighter and easier to handle than a ceiling fan, no matter what model and size you look at. An orbit fan will always take up less space.

The best proof of this that we have just explained is certain to be found in stores, since all models of orbit fans currently on sale have a size of between 16 and 18 inches.

That is why, if to their small size, we add the lightness of the materials with which they are constructed, most of them in plastic, and that can be easily installed on any wall, the orbit fan is postulated as an incredibly good option for any family with limited budget that wants to air condition their rooms.

For their part, ceiling fans also start with an advantage in this aspect since they are installed on the ceiling of the instances and have a small size that varies depending on the brand and model, the most common being those that have between 42 and 52 inches.

Therefore, taking into account this fact and that it is a fan that is installed directly on the ceiling, the space it will occupy is barely noticeable and will not hinder us at any time to make life in our rooms and common areas where we decide to install it.

Therefore, in this aspect, although both are able to provide comfort without taking up too much space, ceiling fans have a better design to occupy the minimum space and provide maximum comfort.

3. Safety

The third aspect to evaluate in this comparison between orbit and ceiling fans is safety.

And although at first, it seems that ceiling fans win again, the reality is that now based on the new regulations that urge the installation of a second auxiliary suspension system, both models are equally safe and equally efficient for air conditioning homes with children and dependents.

Ceiling fans always have to be installed at least three meters away from the floor, which in itself is already giving us extra security.

And is that it would be really difficult for a child could reach it accidentally while playing, as it is a high enough height so that an adult can not reach it without the need for a ladder or a chair, so for a child would be almost impossible to touch it.

Orbit fans are also a type of fan that we can install in our homes without fearing for our safety, since in most cases its structure is made of plastic and aluminum and can be assembled in two simple steps without assuming any risk.

It will be enough to have at hand the manufacturer’s instructions, a screwdriver and screws to attach its parts and then hang it on the wall.

Once mounted, these fans have a protective casing so that the blades are always isolated, being really difficult for the casing to come loose as it will be fixed with several screws and the power of these fans is not so high as to jeopardize its structure.

In addition, as with ceiling fans, the orbit fans will also be hung on the wall at least three meters from the floor, so children cannot access them easily.

Lastly, as we have indicated before, the two models have had to adapt to the new CE / CB requirements that since 2019 indicated the need to incorporate a second suspension system.

This system will make the chances of the fan falling from the ceiling in case of hardware failure are minimal.

While both fans have a safe enough structure to prevent this from happening, with the orbital fan being slightly safer because it is smaller and weighs less, but there is really no real safety difference between the two,

4. Function

In terms of the functionality of both fans, ceiling fans are the best equipped and have benefited the most from the modern times in which we live and their advances in technology for the well-being of the home.

There is a wide variety of ceiling fans on the market with an infinite number of functions, including timer functions, remote control, low power consumption and built-in LED light.

In this way, a ceiling fan will not only cool the rooms quickly, but can also be used as a room light and save extra installation.

For its part, the only extra function that the orbit fans have is the remote control.

The rest of the functions will require manual use, having only three types of speeds to choose from and the possibility of fixing it to prevent it from rotating and the airflow is focused in a single direction.

Therefore, if what we are looking for in a fan is more than just cooling and we want to enjoy some technological extras that make our life more comfortable, ceiling fans will always be the best option.

5. Price

When it comes to price, orbit fans are the clear winners in this competition.

While most ceiling fans range in price from $40 to $150 or more, orbital fans cost only about $20, and can cost even less if you opt for a smaller fan made entirely of plastic.

While it is true that the high price of ceiling fans is fully justified both by the quality of their materials, usually wood and aluminum very refined, and with a wide variety of interesting wireless features that enhance their usefulness.

However, orbital fans will always be the most economical option and the best value for money for most users, as it delivers what it promises at a really low price.

6. Bills

In the consumption section, we find that the ceiling fan has a clear disadvantage compared to the reduced consumption of orbit fans.

This is because the power of ceiling fans is much higher than that of orbit fans, even in the larger models, 60 W in the smaller ones and up to 100 W in the larger models.

On the other hand, the orbit fans do not exceed 60 W in any of their variants making the daily consumption much lower than that of ceiling fans.

Even if we select one of the low-consumption modes that these modern fans have, their consumption levels will still be much higher than those of the orbital fans.

This is further proof that technology is as beneficial as it is privileged, since for many humble families being able to afford to pay a more expensive electricity bill is practically impossible.

If you are looking for comfort at a reduced price and with a controlled monthly consumption, orbital fans are undoubtedly the ideal choice.

7. Installation

The last aspect that we will analyze in this comparison is the installation, an issue that for many is crucial and sometimes depend on the choice between one type of fan or another.

In general terms, it could be said that the installation of ceiling fans will always have an extra difficulty compared to the orbit type since the system of blades must be installed separately from the body and if we do not do it correctly could vibrate or even fall.

In terms of electricity, ceiling fans have a more complex wiring system than orbit fans, as they contain an LED light and multiple technological functions that require more wires and devices to link, something that could be too much for elderly users who only seek to cool their home quickly.

For their part, orbit fans have a really simple installation process that anyone will be able to carry out without the help of an expert and without fear of suffering any kind of incident.

Something that makes them the ideal fan for all those older users who prefer to acquire a simple product that fulfills its functions and that they can understand and install without help.

In conclusion, we can deduce that although in general terms ceiling fans are better than orbit fans because of their power, modern design and multiple functions, in those situations where the rooms do not require such complete and direct air conditioning orbit fans are more practical.

Therefore, our recommendation as experts in the sale of orbit fans is that if you need to ventilate large spaces such as the living room or kitchen, use a ceiling fan of large size and power.

But for small rooms where such a large airflow is not necessary, opt for a simple and small orbital fan that will provide a softer but just as effective air conditioning.

We consider the result of this comparison to be a tie.

Both are good and deliver what they promise, and in the end, the decision to buy one or the other will always depend on the consumer and their needs.

No two houses are the same, so what may be the best for some may not be so good for others, and vice versa.

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