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Case Study: Overcoming Freight Fee Challenges

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The client, despite having a consignment contract with the shipping company, which guaranteed long-term access to cargo space at reduced rates, faced unexpected delays.

Their requests for Shipping Orders (SO) remained unfulfilled for half a month, disrupting normal operations.

Investigation revealed that the shipping company was withholding cargo space to increase freight charges by $500 per container.


To resolve this impasse and ensure timely shipment, we decided to share part of the additional freight cost with the client.

This decision was crucial in facilitating the shipping process, allowing the client to receive the goods, in this case, electric fans, within the crucial seasonal period.

Customer Impact

Our quick action to share the extra freight costs made sure our client got their shipment on time.

This move really helped strengthen our trust with the client.

It showed that we’re ready to go the extra mile to solve problems.

Because of this, our clients see us as a reliable and customer-focused shipping partner.

To keep improving, we’re now looking into working with different shipping companies and talking about agreements that can handle sudden cost changes.

We’re also thinking about setting up a special fund to cover unexpected costs in the future.

This way, we can make sure our deliveries are always on time and without issues.

This shows our ongoing commitment to being better and more flexible in our business.

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